Accelerating Innovation

Disruption-led strategy remains the key driver of innovation and digital transformation. CeedCap's Corporate Accelerator program is tailored to medium-large organisations that need to innovate quickly and efficiently.

Faster deployment for business agility, and scalability

Our accelerator process has directly impacted the strategic outlook for businesses in respect to digital transformation and leapfrogging innovation culture.

Fully customized, tailored program built for every client

Our programs are built to the exact requirements of corporate stakeholders with a full cross-cut approach

CeedCap partners with your company to leapfrog your overall growth and innovation strategy through our tailored programs to generate new ideas, enter a new market, innovate business units and even adapt your internal operations to accommodate the fast-changing market demand of your industry.

One of the strongest international expert networks on the market

Over the years, we have amassed 30+ accelerator and 50+ incubator / technology partners around the world

Innovate faster

We develop and implement corporate accelerator programs across different industries from, HR, Retail, Healthcare, Media, Finance, Energy and Insurance sector. We’re happy to schedule a meeting to discuss you digital transformation needs.