Shaping the future of Africa's digital economy

CeedCap is a venture studio that create and invest in platform companies with a mission to unlock untapped digital opportunities for Africans.

“Our mission is to enable founders to build and launch platform companies that create opportunities and shape Africa’s digital future.”

We create platform companies to unlock digital opportunities in Africa

At CeedCap, we are actively investing in Africa’s digital future by creating platform companies to transform the informal and fragmented small and medium enterprises sector.

We partner with resilient founders from day one to launch platform startups

We identify large underserved market segments with opportunity for digital transformation, and build platforms that focus on unlocking these opportunities.

Venture Capital

We are usually the first investors to back resilient and promising founding teams with initial capital and resources they need to unlock their growth potential.

Experience and value add

Fundraising as a Service

Fundraising strategy, process, and workshop to help you secure early-stage investments in your startup.

Design as a Service

A design team whenever you need it for all your UX/UI, brand identity and pitch deck designs.

Engineering as a Service

A product development team to build and launch MVP for non-technical founders.

Marketing as a Service

Tailored solution that supports your marketing functions on-demand, from strategy development to execution.

Ideation as a Service

Test and validate new digital business ideas with rapid prototyping innovation workshops.

Legal as a Service

Company secretary, structure, operating agreements, and compliance advisory on-demand.

Take a leading role in developing a new venture

Are you looking for an opportunity to take a leading role in developing a new venture? If so, this is your chance to join the creative and visionary setup of CEEDCAP Venture Studio! We’re looking for Founders in Residence to lead and build new venture opportunities within the ‘Platform Economy’ space. 

Invest in promising African startups at Preceed

Join the league of investors backing audacious ideas and founders investing in promising African startups at the “Preceed” stage. Preceed is an exclusive angel investing group.