We exist to unlock the power of digital platforms for Africa

CeedCap is part of the global startup studio movement with a mission to digitize and unlock opportunities for African startups and SMEs.


Our mission

As a Venture Studio, we create and scale platforms into powerful internet companies, matching tested ideas with proven platform business models and entrepreneurship. 

CeedCap Venture Studio Approach


We generate and evaluate ideas for new platforms. This involves market research, customer surveys, and other techniques to identify areas of opportunity and potential demand.


Once potential ideas have been identified, CeedCap validates them through testing and prototyping. This involves conducting customer interviews, creating prototypes, and gathering feedback to ensure that the platform meets the needs of the target market.


Together with a founding team, CeedCap assembles a team, builds prototypes, and refines the platform to meet the needs of the market.


CeedCap introduces the platform to the market and establishes a customer base. This involves marketing efforts, establishing distribution channels, and building a sales pipeline.


Finally, once the platform is gaining traction, CeedCap works to scale the startup by expanding the customer base, increasing production, and entering new markets.

Building Africa's digital economy

Through our efforts, we aim to create a thriving ecosystem of technology-driven businesses in Africa that are driving economic growth, creating jobs, and improving access to essential services. We believe that by building Africa’s digital economy, we can help drive positive change and build a better future for the continent.